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Design custom rigid boxes with ease and get them delivered fast.

Check out the popular rigid box styles that everyone's talking about!

Foldable Rigid Box

Foldable Rigid Box

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Sliding Drawer Rigid Box

Sliding Drawer Box

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Hinged Lid Rigid Box

Hinged Lid Box

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Magnetic Closure Rigid Box

Magnetic Closure Box

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We've got the rigid packaging solutions you need.

Luxury Goods Rigid Packaging

Luxury Goods Packaging

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Consumer Electronics Rigid Packaging

Consumer Electronics Packaging

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Confectionery and Gourmet Foods Rigid Packaging

Confectionery and Gourmet Foods Packaging

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Gift and Specialty Items Rigid Packaging

Gift and Specialty Items Packaging

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Do you want to browse more box styles or dig deeper into our packaging options?

All Styles Custom Boxes

Create your custom rigid luxury boxes with cool designs, logos, and more!

If you're not a packaging master, no worries - we've got designers and experts that can help you create boxes online customized to your needs.

Once your boxes are ready, we'll get them to you with reliable shipping services so everything goes smoothly with your packaging.

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Design Rigid Boxes

Getting custom rigid boxes for your packaging needs is a piece of cake!

We've made ordering super easy, so there's no need to go through a long process!

All you have to do is request a quote, upload your design, check out the proofs and you're good to go!

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What Are the Benefits of Choosing AnyRigidBox?

There are plenty of box manufacturers in the US, but why should you choose us for your packaging needs? Let's find out!

Showing off your brand with some personalized touches

Our custom solutions allow businesses to build packaging that stands out and works with their branding. This will enable them to make an impression and give their customers the best experience possible. With these solutions, businesses can craft attractive packaging that really expresses their brand, making them stand out from the crowd and reach success.

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Customized Rigid Box


People are really taking care of the environment through their packaging, which makes perfect sense. To ensure customers are happy and stay green, we use packaging materials that are good for the planet. It's a fantastic way to show that we care about our effect on the Earth.

eco-friendly solutions

Professional Expertise

Our team of experts creates the perfect packaging to show off your product and make it function better. We help you find the best materials, designs and printing to ensure you're happy. We have lots of expertise in designing and manufacturing, so you know the products you get are top-notch.

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Attentive and superior customer care.

We do this by tailoring our solutions to fit your individual needs, providing rapid responses, and ensuring that each customer feels valued and taken care of.

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Customer Care

We have earned the trust of thousands of satisfied customers.

Over the years, we have built a strong reputation, with thousands of customers delighted with our services.

Very happy and will come back again

Five Stars
Location Icon San Diego, California.

I had a positive experience buying custom rigid boxes from this company. The customer service was helpful and friendly, and the boxes I got were excellent. I'm so pleased I made this purchase and plan on shopping here again. I recommend AnyRigidBox to anyone looking for a durable packaging solution.

Viviana Shanks Viviana Shanks

Outstanding customer service

Five Stars
Location Icon Chicago, Illinois.

I had a wonderful experience with AnyRigidBox's customer service. They responded quickly to my questions and provided helpful information to ensure my order was shipped out fast. When I received it, it was in perfect condition and arrived right when they said it would. The service was outstanding, and I recommend AnyRigidBox to anyone needing a dependable packaging supplier.

Ninel Agan Ninel Agan

Frequently Asked Questions

What sizes of rigid boxes does your company offer?

At AnyRigidBox, we can help you find the right size for whatever needs to be shipped or stored. We provide an extensive selection of packaging solutions, ranging from small to large, to ensure all your items are securely stored or shipped. Let us help you find the correct size box today.

Can my logo, artwork, or design be printed on rigid boxes?

Yes, you most certainly can! Here at AnyRigidBox, we provide top-tier printing services that allow you to personalize your rigid boxes with logos, artwork, and your chosen designs. Our state-of-the-art printing technology is perfect for creating stunning and eye-catching prints to make your custom packaging stand out.

Can I order just one rigid box?

At AnyRigidBox, we understand that sometimes you need smaller orders of rigid packaging solutions. That is why we are pleased to offer you precisely what you need, whenever you require it, in the quantity that meets your needs.

Which finishing option will make my rigid box look the most vibrant and eye-catching?

Adding a gloss laminated finish to your rigid box will give it a shiny look that will stand out. The gloss finish will make the colors in your design pop, creating a fantastic effect that will draw the eye.

What is the difference between offset, digital, and screen printing?

At AnyRigidBox, we are confident that these printing methods offer distinct benefits and are perfect for particular projects. Offset printing is outstanding for larger prints, using a metal plate to transfer an inked image onto paper. Digital printing is the ideal option for quick turnarounds and small print runs, as it involves an inkjet device that directly applies ink onto a surface. Lastly, screen printing is the ideal choice for producing large quantities of uniform prints with bright colors, as this technique involves pressing ink through a fine mesh onto a surface.

What is the fastest estimated delivery time for my order?

If you need your boxes quickly, we offer a rush process to deliver them in 6-8 business days. Otherwise, our standard turnaround time is 8-10 business days.

What payment methods do you accept?

At AnyRigidBox, we make it easy and convenient for you to get our premium products by accepting various payment methods - Debit/Credit Cards, PayPal - and for large purchases, you can even pay directly via bank transfer or check.

Can I get a sample before I place an order?

Yes, absolutely! Here at AnyRigidBox, we understand your need to feel the product to gain confidence in your purchase. If you would like to, you can ask for a sample of one of our custom-made boxes or your own printed box to examine the quality.

Wanna start a packaging project together?

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